Back Pain Treatment in Plymouth

Low Back Pain and Associated Symptoms

Low back pain costs the NHS and our society in general millions of pounds every year. The National Health Service spends more than £1 billion per year on back pain related costs. This includes, £512 million on hospital costs for back pain patients, £141 million on GP consultations for back pain, and £150.6 million on Physiotherapy treatments for back pain.

In recent years, early referral for manipulative treatment such as Chiropractic has been recommended by the Government in the NICE Guidelines (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) for preventing a chronic recurring condition in the lower back. Therefore, more and more GPs are being encouraged to recommend a course of Chiropractic care.

Furthermore, pain from the lower back can even refer into the legs as well. Pain can commonly present itself in the buttock, thigh and even as far as the feet and toes. Occasionally pain can present with and without some numbness, or pins and needles into these regions.

Types of Back Pain

Joint Pain: This is often associated with “electric shock” type pains and “sharp twinges” with movements. Commonly with condition a tilt of the spine, either forward or to one side can occur. This can be checked in your mirror, or somebody close to you maybe able to observe this.

Nerve pain from the lower back: This pain typically refers into the leg with little or no back pain at all! The nerve can be trapped by a disc, a bone, muscle or even inflammation.

Disc Injury: A common myth is that acute low back pain is caused by a “slipped disc”. Discs DO NOT just slip or disappear, they ‘bulge’ and when they do, they usually cause leg pain or sciatica.

Muscle Guarding: Whenever you feel pain of any kind, your body’s first reaction is ‘muscle guarding’. The muscles “splint” or immobilise the area where you feel the pain. Prolonged muscle guarding produces a muscle spasm.

Causes of Back Injury

Contrary to belief, lower back pain can be brought on by simple movements. By far the majority of chronic back pain sufferers do not remember a specific incident to start the condition. More often than not, back disorders are the accumulation of months or even years of poor posture, faulty body mechanics, stressful living and working habits, loss of flexibilityand a general lack of physical fitness. By middle age, almost everyone has felt some form of back pain.

People suffering with osteo-arthritis (or ‘wear and tear’) are common place at a Chiropractic Practice, and is usually not as bad as it sounds. Osteoarthritis sometimes occurs due to chronic mechanical conditions (affecting the joints, muscle, ligaments and tendons), causing recurrent ‘wear and tear’ stresses to a specific area. It occurs in most people as we get older and usually responds very well to Chiropractic treatment.