Elbow Pain Treatment in Plymouth

Our Chiropractors will always include a full assessment of the neck and upper back as a potential cause for elbow pain. A host of symptoms can indicate that elbow pain may be originating from the spine. When people experience a pain or pins and needles in the elbow (or both elbows), or neck or shoulder movement reproduces pain further down the arm, there could be a possibility the neck is the main culprit.

However, as much as pain can refer down the arm from the neck, it can also refer up from the wrist and fingers, depending on the cause of the problem.

Repetitive strain injuries at the elbow can cause a significant amount of localised pain over a period of time. You don’t have to play tennis to have a tennis elbow (lateral elbow pain), and you certainly don’t have to play golf to have golfers elbow (medial elbow pain). Repetitive use of your wrists and forearms (such as using tools, playing sports or typing) can cause an overload of the tendons which inserts into the outside and/or inside of the elbow. This can be excruciatingly painful and people often present with severe weakness of the affected arm.

Whatever the injury to the elbow, the Chiropractor will tell you what is happening and advise a treatment plan that will entail a holistic approach to correcting the cause of the problem and any associated symptoms, so the elbow will heal in the quickest possible time.